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  • Introduction
    Hello and welcome to my FAQ page! I often answer the same questions, so in order to give you as much information as possible, here are the most commonly asked questions and the answers. I will continue to provide information, but if you have one or more questions and the answer is not there, I will be happy to answer you if you send me a message. Mia
  • Contact and anonymity
    Are you really independent? I am often asked if you are at risk of being exposed following our meeting and thus creating problems in your personal life. ​ I want to reassure you, I am 100% independent and your anonymity is my highest priority. Your name (if it is known to me) or any details about the nature of our meetings will never be exposed to anyone. I am the only one with access to our communications and you will never meet anyone when you arrive or leave for our meeting. ​ Can you write to me at any time? No, I will respect the time slots in which I can write to you, even if you asked me a question and I did not have time to answer it that same day. I will wait until the next time when it is safe for me to answer them for you.
  • Making appointments
    Can I make appointement with you outside of the date shown on your website? If the date is not displayed on my site, it may be because I am unfortunately not available. In the event that the date is later than those displayed on my site, you can always make the request to me and I will make it a point to contact you first if this date becomes available. ​ Can I make any special requests for our meeting? This is something that I really like! Do not hesitate to tell me about your requests and fantasies, we will be happy to discuss them. ​ If I booked several days (or weeks) in advance, do I have to confirm my presence? Whether it's a first meeting (for which a deposit was requested) or we already know each other, I always appreciate a confirmation from you to confirm the meeting. If I know I can't contact you, I will wait for this confirmation to come from you.
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